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When her past came calling…

Sometimes, you think it’s all over, but it’s not.

You’ve put it all behind you, then the phone call came and the perfect world comes crumbling.

She has been expecting the call, she has composed herself several times; talked to herself several times.

She thought she was prepared; little did she know she was fooling herself. She would never be prepared.

How does one prepare for hurricane of emotions?

She was feeling sleepy when the call came. Sleep, embarrassed to be caught at that moment, leapt like a frightened cat.

She could feel her heart beating erratically. Her hands started shaking. She couldn’t even coordinate her speech. The shame!

She had planned to be poise, but all her plans crashed. There was no plan B. She didn’t think she would need plan B. Now she knows.

She tried to discuss with the caller, but she knew she was rambling.

But discussed they did.

In retrospect, it appeared she was the only one doing the talking, while the caller just calmly listened.

A lot of scenes flashed through her mind. A lot of tears flowed down her cheeks.

And as always, the caller’s soothing kindness raced through the phone waves and calmed her nerve.

They talked about past issues that refused to be buried and forgotten.

Who was she kidding, such issues would always be with her. It would always be in her mind. These issues would go to the grave with her.

She pretended it was over, but she knew it would never be over.

She wished she had not made that singular, deadly mistake.

A mistake that shaped their lives and dragged them to different parts of the world.

The caller would have been there for her…

The caller would have cared. She would have cared too.

She wouldn’t have been a shadow, unsure of the true  meaning of LOVE. There was a time, she used to know what love meant.

It’s been years now…they are both old and grey…yet…

Growing frail and feeble everyday…yet…

Will they  recognise each other, respect each other, like each other, be friends?

This is the rambling of a brokenhearted lady; a lady with a heart that refuses to mend.




DNA Alert: The love triangle story

By May Ebute

She was my former neighbour. She was involved in a sort of love triangle. She had a fiancé whom she didn’t love. According to her, he was too quiet for her. She affirmed that he was a nice guy but of course his quiet nature put her off. The funny thing was, the guy was crazy about her. If your definition of ‘crazily in love’ is along the lines of  ‘ calling her at least twice a day and sending her money anytime she was broke, then  Miss A’s fiancé would have passed for a good man.
Theirs was a long distance relationship. He lived in the east and she lived in Lafia hence the frequent calls. There were times, we’d be sitting on her corridor, doing girl bonding stuffs and her phone would ring. We usually knew it was him because she’d usually frowns and hiss. She had a way of putting his calls on speaker so we could hear their conversation. Perhaps she wanted us to ridicule him or something. Or Maybe she wanted us to laugh at his igbotic accent. Her replies to his questions were always done in angry tones. l always wondered why dude couldn’t detect the obvious dislike. Now the weird thing is, Miss A never told us any bad thing about the dude. Her only problem was his quietness. Yet, she wasn’t going to call off the relationship. She wanted to get married.
It so happened that Dude went to Lagos to do some things. He decided to come  to Lafia all the way from Lag to see his wife to be. Miss A informed us of his coming and we were all so excited at the thought of meeting this great but quiet lover. We made sure we sat on her corridor all evening. No one wanted to miss the grand entry of the great but despised lover. Actually, Miss A wanted us to see him and then tell her our impressions.
Dude finally arrived for his first visit to Lafia. I must confess that he was very fine. Maybe the sight of all the girls sitting in front of his boo’s room, unsettled him. He acted very shy. He could barely answer our greetings of ‘In law welcome o.’
Few minutes after getting into Miss A’s room, they came out. He was still with his bag. Miss A informed us, to our surprise,that she was taking him to a nearby hotel to spend the night. We had bade her goodnight, thinking she was going to spend the night with him. We were wrong. She came back to the house. Her reason was, she couldn’t stand the sight of the guy. We all felt pity for the poor dude who had travelled a long distance to get an ice cold reception. We convinced her to go back and stay with him since it was his first time in town and he didn’t know anyone. She accepted and returned to the hotel. But of course she caused a fight for no reason. When she called her next door neighbor  to come and let her into the compound, we could hear the guy laughing in sinister tones in the background.
The next morning he left for the east and never looked back. He had seen there was no future with her. The year was ending. Miss A had blown her chance of marriage.
Now let me tell you about the second part of the triangle. He was a married man with four wives. He had loads of money and treated Miss A like an egg. She was crazily in love with him too. Where her ex fiance was boring, her sugar daddy wasn’t. She had been dating him alongside her ex. The few times l saw him leaving her apartment in the mornings, l would wonder what it was she saw in the huge, very big pot bellied man as compared to her cute fiance.  James Hardley Chase says ‘you never know with women.’ In Miss A’s case, that saying actually proved true. His marriages didn’t deter her. His confession that he wasn’t going to marry her, didn’t deter her either. She flaunted him around like he was the best man in the world. Of course Miss A had her plan B. Fiance had broken up with her, Sugar daddy didn’t want to marry her and she wanted to marry the following year.Plan B was hatched quickly.

We were in 2014 and here comes Facebook lover. She had all along been dating a guy she met on Facebook. We only got to know about him a few days to his visit. He came in from the east and of a truth, Facebook lover was every inch a woman’s dream. We were happy for miss A. We only began to see she was making a mistake when Facebook love started hitting on another pretty neighbour of mine, behind her back.
Miss A was a talker. She never hesitated to feed us info. We knew the guy wanted marriage before he came to visit. We also knew he had started developing cold feet after he left for the east. We knew Miss A wanted to marry at all cost before the end of the year. I still remember her famous words. ‘ Girls whether by hook or crook, 2014 Na my year.l must marry by force.’ We knew she wanted Facebook lover to marry her. What we didn’t know was that she was a month pregnant for her pot bellied sugar daddy. Miss A made sure she had unprotected sex with Facebook lover all through his stay. When he began to develop cold feet, she told us her plans to pin the pregnancy on him.
She told us that,When she missed her period, she knew it was sugar daddy’s baby. He wanted her to abort it and gave her money for a D& C. But she kept the baby and convinced Facebook love to come around. He did the needful when he came. She had set her eyes on him for marriage so she told him a month after his visit that she was pregnant. Immediately, Facebook lover’s coldness became hot. He’s an only son whose mum was on his neck to get married. Quickly he invited her to the east and took her home to mama. Before 2014 ended, it was an excited Facebook lover that said ‘l do’ to Miss A. I saw the wedding pictures. Even in her wedding gown, the baby bump was very visible.
Once upon a time, we were neighbours who bonded well enough at some stage, to discuss intimate details about ourselves. That is how l know that In the whole wide word, only myself, miss E, Miss S and Miss A herself, know that  her first child does not belong to her husband. Even Sugar daddy does not know that he has a child somewhere in the east.

DARK ANGELS: Are those kids really yours? (3)

Believe me, sexual hunger has nothing to do with love. It’s pure undiluted sexual hunger.

It’s like a craving for a hard drug. You want it real bad and sometimes you don’t give a shit about the consequences. You want to feel him or her between the sheets. Sometimes it becomes an obsession.

Once you are through the thrusting and panting stage, you begin to wonder and ponder, “What the heck did I see in him/her. What the hell was I thinking?”

Remorse may set in, or maybe worse; you may wish to take another ride.

But then, it’s one thing to bang another guy, who is not your husband and then get pregnant for him.

It’s quite another matter to carry that pregnancy to term, put to bed and pass the baby off as your husbands.

It’s sickeningly. And from what most people tell me, it has become the fad among some high class chicks.

Who am I kidding? There’s no class nonsense here. It is now prevalent among ladies. I even heard that some of these women deliberately go to their pastors to “assist” husband’s plant the much sought after fruit of the womb.

Believe me; a lot of ladies who go for vigils and prayer meetings are in love with their pastors.

Look at it this way; they spend a lot of time with their pastors than with their husbands. So, what do you expect?

When they go, “my pastor doesn’t like…my pastor says…,” you see the love pouring forth from them if you have eyes to see

Juliana Francis eyes dey see plenty!

My friend told me that he was at LUTH when a man ran mad after he discovered that his sick child, who was on admission, was not really his biological son.

How it happened? The boy was sick and doctors said the child needed a blood transfusion if he was to be saved. The worried father didn’t want any other person’s blood because of HIV.

He donated his blood and got the shock of his life.

Doctors told him that his blood didn’t match. He couldn’t possibly be the biological father of the boy.

He rushed home to his four other children and had a DNA test. Guess what?  Only one turned out to be his! He confronted the wife and she claimed the results could be faulty.

The man gave her a free hand to pick any laboratory she likes. The results still turned out to be the same. This happened just last month. If you were in the guy’s position, what would you do? Kill the lady? Send her and the children packing?

God! I can just imagine his pains and dilemma. Women! She sure did a piece on him.

I heard of a man who took his two children to US years ago. They grew up there, but the female one suddenly fell ill. She was taken to hospital and one test led to another and man discovered that the two children, whom he had spent money on in acquisition of the best education, were not really his children.

Perhaps you would prefer to hear the story of the man who wanted to take his four children overseas this year, but when he got to the embassy, they demanded for a DNA result.

What with child trafficking these days, one can’t be too careful. Yeah, you’re right again. Three of the children were not fruits of his lions.

Have you heard the story of Segun and Akin?

Bosom friends from childhood; same village, same schools. Theirs was like David and Jonathan’s kind of love and friendship. Too much love for each other.

Then Segun got married. When the wife was in labour, Segun followed her into the labour room to give her moral support. And right in the middle of labour pangs, the silly woman began to scream, “Akin see what you have done to meeeeeeeeee O!”

You and I know what that means.

…But really, how accurate is DNA test?

Written in July 2008.

DARK ANGELS: Are those kids really yours? (2)

Haven’t I narrated this story before? I have this feeling of déjà vu. I must have told it before. Anyway it doesn’t matter. I’m simply making a point. She was a secretary to the managing director of the company.

According to what she told me, the guy was an Adonis. Not only was he good looking, he was a firebrand in bed. She fell for him. A mere crush I guessed, but one that went out of hand.

I don’t and didn’t bother to find out who seduced. I heard it was a torrid affair started. She went into it with everything she had, unmindful that the MD was a ‘happily’ married man.

After the MD browsed her website for months, she got pregnant. The MD wanted her to delete it, but she preferred to download it. The love affair went sour.

MD felt she wanted to destroy his marriage and threatened her. The first threat was real enough. He kicked her out of the company. She was a smart lady. She knew she needed a sucker, a fall guy for the unborn child. She got one.

Allowed him an airtime of a month and rushed to tell him that she had a missed call. Like most naive guys are wont to do, he accepted it.

The first suspicion came when she had a healthy baby before nine months. But guess what? It was not even the stupid guy that noticed the discrepancies in the dates of conception and delivery, but his friends.

They told him; he refused to believe. He said he knew his babe, who had then become his wife, wouldn’t dare to pass another guy’s baby to him.

But like a dream, she walked out two years later. She told him after a heated quarrel that the child didn’t belong to him.

She confided in me and something inside of me died. It was the beginning and the end of our relationship.

We didn’t quarrel! We simply drifted apart after she took another guy as lover and left the child for her aged parents at the village.

Do I think I’m better than her? No! But I don’t think I would be caught dead in that sort of scenario.

Most times, an extra marital affair doesn’t happen because you planned it. Sometimes, it happens spontaneously; without being planned.

A simple scenario; a male and a female, either already married or not married, suddenly become sexually attracted to each other. The right thing would be to fight it.

Best way to fight it?

Never give room for romantic and sexual chit-chats.

Never allow for solitude between the two of you. Never go for mood light stroll and never lie to your legally married partner about that person.

If you can avoid these, you can avoid temptation. If you find yourself too close to him/her, a smile or laughter could lead to mouths clinging hungrily to each other.

DARK ANGELS: Are those kids really yours? (1)

I have always known and believed that as a human beings, we all have our frailties.

I have mine; I can tell you mine if you push me to the wall, but what is yours?

These frailties have to do with our moral fibers. Nobody is a saint, not even that your pastor in his three piece suit.

Yes, that your pastor that stands at the front of the congregation, raining fire and brimstone and after service, he invites Sister Rebecca for a counseling session.

The session usually ends with him counseling her ‘’honey well.’’  We know them.

Don’t we just know them? I can just see him thrusting into her, moaning: “Oh Sister Rebecca, you must be steadfast…. You must be steadfast oooooh…..I saaaaay be steadfasssssst…”

Show me a saint and I will show you a virgin in a maternity ward! Is a deal? No? I didn’t say so.

I know we all have our shortcomings, but its galling that some people’s innate wickedness fails to allow them to know and understand the difference between right and wrong.

The difference between killing and hurting people…

You don t necessary need to stab a person to death to have killed that person.

Men are naturally full of evil machinations, but women?  They are something else!

Give me an adjective that is horrifying more than those used to describe Lucifer, and you would have started describing some daughters of Eve.

A guy can hurt you, but a lady doesn’t just hurt you, she kills you.

Yes, kills you. How else can you describe a situation where a lady gets impregnated by her lover and passes the child off as that of her legitimate husbands?

’Wicked’ seems too mild an adjective to describe such a lady. Even as you are reading, ask yourself brother, if your children are really yours?

Tell me brother; I have you ever bothered to take your children to the laboratory for a DNA test to ascertain if they are your biological children?

Look here, it has got nothing to do with love and trust. Shits do happen.

And when it happens, some people-ladies-look for fall guys to pack the shit.

Lord knows that I have tried; I have tried to imagine how wicked a babe can be to give another man’s child to her husband without a twitch of conscience.

She probably has a conscience seared with hot iron; one that feels conscience absolutely nothing. You may make a mistake and screw another guy while married, but would you call passing off a pregnancy, a baby that doesn’t belong to your husband, a mistake?

Give me a break! A baby created while you were yelling the name of your lover as orgasm approaches?

Some things in life are not just fair and this sort of bullshit is just one of those.

My friend did it. Hers was different from the normal husband and wife story. Why?

She was not married to the guy back then. How it started? Okay, just don’t rush me.

Situations make us stronger, that’s the way cookie crumbles


Dear Diary,

It’s been too long and so long.

A lot has happened in my life, and a lot will continue to happen.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m about to be swallowed up by trying situations cycling around me like pack of hounds.

When they come, they come in bucketful.

People are complaining about those committing suicide; I strongly feel and understand why someone would want to end it all. I can relate with them.

The hard fact about life is that most times, things don’t work out the way we want. That’s the way the cookie crumbles though.

Personally, I’m sick and tired of threats. It’s affecting my job and outlook on life. It’s affecting my love and passion.

I sat down and asked God: “What is the worst case scenario if I lose my job or quit…?”

He told me to take a walk down memory lane of Compass Newspaper.

I did. A lot of thoughts flashed through my mind eyes. I saw me sick and battling cancer, I saw me sick and crying, I saw me financially down and crying, I saw me abandoned with two kids and crying, I saw me crying as one of my boys little battled between life and death. I saw me being rushed to hospital countless times.

I same me crawling and crying. I saw me praying….

Most importantly, I saw me hungry….

And He was always there with me. I didn’t die. He didn’t allow me to die. I survived. I lived.

He made me to live through it all. He was and has always been there beside me.

Tears now in my eyes.

God, forgive my unfaithfulness and my doubts.

Yes, we have company owners, millionaires and billionaires that think they hold the keys to lives and future, but God holds the greatest of all keys and answers to our troubles. When one road closes, another opens.

I remembered Faith and the hell she went through in the hands of her boss and I know one thing for sure….life can only get better, not worse. Situations make us stronger…I’m thankful to God.

God, please, always help me to remember your faithfulness….your steadfastness…

When someone asks you if you’re happy; remember that happiness is relative.

As I grow older, I try to get closer to God.

I miss Faith like something fierce; she’s my sounding board, my listening ears, my tears sharer, my boo…

I, however, wish her to be happy. She deserves to be happy. She has been through so much. We’ve been through so much. We’re still going through so much.

Primary, secondary and university were hell for us. I still recollected the begging….

We have both learnt how to master our pains and disappointments; how to cry at night and laugh at day time.

Our acting abilities will put Omotola and other actresses to shame. Yes, we can’t start wearing our troubles on our sleeves.

Office is tense for me this week. I got N1 billion libel suit from a guy residing inside Kuje Prison.

I’m too stressed out to laugh. Rich criminals hiring SANS to win their cases.

It would have been a laugh, except it’s serious. And it’s very annoying.

Waheed and I have resolved to ferret at the annoying bone together. ACP Abba Kyari, though overworked and overstressed, is assisting us to resolve the issue.

The idiot has also given The Sun Newspapers the love letter.

Mumu raise to power 10!

Yesterday Ezekiel called about his kids. It’s good he knew he did badly. Said he had been busy. But what else is new. But at least he came through….

I’m worried about my siblings, mother and myself. I prayed that everything will turn out well for each and every one of us.

I see hope bubbling in the eyes and hearts of my sisters. I pray God never to see despair replace the hope and take root there.

My phone is seriously bad and I have taken to asking my friends to help me with their old phones. I’m so broke I can’t even afford a phone.

I have been praying for my sons to love mathematics and English, but it seems Michael is embracing Home Economics.

Home Economics of all stuff!

You see my life…? Mitchweee…

He’s always talking about one cooking practical after another with passion.

Today, he told me to buy a sewing kit.

Abeg, wetin be sewing kit?

“What’s a sewing kit,” I asked.

“Mummy, so you don’t know sewing kit?”

I looked at him, “I don’t.”

I picked my phone to check my messages and WhatsApp from friends. He misread my intention.

“Mummy, there’s no need to ask anybody on WhatsApp or goggle, I will tell you…it is scissors and others things that people use to sew…”

Yeye pikin…who told him I wanted to check out what sewing kit meant? Kids!

Pat has been making a lot of arrangements and we’re all so worried and scared. We have taken to praying for her.

Glory is looking stressed every day, getting worked up over the belief or fact- take your pick- that nothing functions in Nigeria.

Someone wants to get an international passport and immigration says no booklet.

The tin don finish!

You just have to pay, allow your picture to be captured and go home to wait for months until you’re called.

Na only Naija such nonsense fit happen…

Emmanuella is with us now; God please use her as a point of contact to her father and mother. The word and promises of God is ever steady and sure. It can never change. It can only tarry.

I’m praying that the business deal with Mike yields fruit.

My mind has been on autopilot for long.

My thought running here and there; I wish I could do something and change my socioeconomic situation.

I’m not one of those women that yearn for latest clothes, bags and shoes. I don’t yearn for cars and wouldn’t do anything to get them.

I only yearn for enough money to feed myself and kids. I want to be there for my mother and siblings. I yearn for good night sleep and less thought of sickness, life and death. I keep asking and wondering why humans are created…on earth…

I want empowerment.

Anointed is sick….

I’m sick too. Blisters on my lip and inside of mouth peeling…





How to become a Nollywood star without being raped, duped

By Victor Osuagwu

It is obvious that a good number of Nigerian youths are currently
searching for how to join Nollywood or how to become actresses/
actors in Nollywood. Fraudsters and pretenders are equally aware
of this fact and are constantly on the prowl trying to prey on these
innocent career seekers both online and off line. A good number of
Ladies have been raped and destroyed in the process of searching
for any possible means of getting into the glamour of the Nigerian
Movie and entertainment industry
In this article, I want to explain the simple, easy and most realistic
way of getting into the Nollywood and making a great career out of
the Nigerian movie industry and probably become one of the
household name in Nigeria soon.
However, if you are looking for straight forward means to become
a Nollywood actress or actor, pay attention to this post. The process is not difficult as long as you already have the talent because talent is what make a great star. Before we go into the details, let’s see what you stands to gain if you finally become a
Nollywood star.
Earnings – The Nigerian Movie industry is the third biggest in the world. Therefore, one would expect the glamour and wealth that flows in Nollywood. Average Nigerian movie stars earn between
N100,000 to N500,000 per role, while the big names in the industry earn between N1 million to N5 million depending on the name and the movie production budget.
If you earn N100,000 per role as a new and upcoming star and get ten roles in a year, that will amount to a whooping N1,000,000.
Remember you are still upcoming; your earning is bound to grow even bigger as you grow bigger and more popularity. At the beginning, you should focus more on getting your roles right rather than the cash.
With all these in mind, I’m sure you’re now gearing to go! But how exactly do you gain entry into the Nollywood?
You must be talented; “Am I good at pretending to be what I am not without people finding
out the difference?
Can I interpret someone else attitude exactly the way the person does it without having to try hard?”
Remember! Millions of other people just like you believe they are talented and are going out of their way to gain entry into the industry ahead of you. The only thing that will stand you out is your exceptional talent, if your talent is average, I may advice you to look for other profession elsewhere.
Note: Exceptional beauty, Extreme sexy appeal, and Attractive macho physics are considered talent in the movie and entertainment industry most times. Contact us on 07031235100